The Infinite Monkey Theorem | Digital Tonto

A thoroughly fantastic little article with splendid links to even more loveliness. Gave me my best little geekout of the day. Plus I couldn’t resist a jibe:

“don’t worry about artificial intelligence, we haven’t even invented artificial stupidity yet”!

Sociology and Complexity Science blog: New Version of Complexity Map

I don’t think this’d is complete, but being about complexity, perfection is unimportant. More impotent however, is the addition of multilevel complex systems. Personally I prefer Fractal Complex Systems and I’m still coaxing views on the idea via my weird existential website experiment thingy.

Dichotomous Fog (is born)

Reblogging comments: Pushmi-pullyu – Cognitive Edge Network Blog Dave Snowden on top form as usual, starting with a little insight, seasoned with personal experience and finished with a twist of intellect! The ingredients aren’t perfect, but a good chef makes it close enough to be well worth consuming with a glass of whatever takes your fancy!

Innovation happens at the edge?

Just getting into the habit of re-blogging the blogs that I comment on! Innovation Excellence | Innovation Happens in the Gaps There are loads of conversations all over the blogosphere about the relationship of innovation and all the other types of business malarkey. Is innovation a process, can you process it? I think there are a few people who think that just because you can use the language of process to describe a thing, then that thing must inherently be a process. Ahhh, the fool and his hindsight are soon parted! This little blog talks about process and innovation in the same sentences, quite well. “Innovation happens at the edge!”


fullopinionIf I’ve learned anything at work, it’s that work isn’t much a place for learning.

There’s plenty more in other places that go into whys and wherefores of this. Both me complaining and others explaining.

This isn’t about that. But specifically…

Whatever is learnt in work, is thought to be opinion

But there is one mighty fuck of a difference between the two. 

The difference is one is dependent on reality, the other merely on plausibility and  popularity.

I have learned from being in the work that targets always make services worse. This is not popular as we use targets throughout my organisation.

I have learned from being in the work that doing team building, raising staff morale or any other form of staff mind-melding doesn’t work. This is not popular as it is easy and staff and managers enjoy doing it.

I have learned from being in the work that all decisions about work have to…

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