Why performance management is bollox?

KISS … need I say anymore?



  1. There is no such thing as “performance” to be “managed”
  2. Plans are monitored instead of reality.
  3. It involves people completely ignorant about an area of complex work making judgements on it using a coloured shape. Invariably a green one.
  4. It is a job that self selects for people who aren’t interested in how it all works, and therefore remain ignorant of the flawed mind-set that it relies on, because if they do find out, they leave. Or if they are lazy, stay and type an embittered blog about it.
  5. It requires statistical innumeracy. For reason, see point 4 above.
  6. It costs an average large organisation at least £500,000 in annual total salary alone, across an organisation, for practically zero benefit.
  7. I wrote an annual performance plan for the corporate part of an organisation,( ICT, procurement, finance etc) that included the corporate performance area, in two nights sitting at my dining…

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