The Living Dead

Another smashing little ensemble of words and ideas from ThinkPurpose. Inspiration is a wonderful and powerful thing, but why does it do its thing so well in the early hours of the morning. Theory Y perhaps … Theory Z is getting up out of bed and doing something useful with it.



The key sentence is the very first one, “Unless in a job they feel genuinely passionate about“. That first sentence sets the scene, this is how humans behave in that scene. Create a different scene, where people CAN feel passionate, then they are different people.

Create a Theory X environment, where you assume people are lazy and need poking with sticks to do work…then they will need pokey sticks, in one I have personally done about 1 years work in the last 7 years.

Create a Theory Y environment, where autonomy, mastery and purpose are designed into the work, then you wouldn’t find ANY of those people described above. Same names, different people. In Theory Y environments, I don’t even realise that I am working. I am typing this at 2:51am. This is not what lazy people do, but watch me doing the quarter 4 performance report next…

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