Trojan Horses are not Trojan Mice. 5 Questions to Spot the Difference.

One more from the solid and slighly shiny WHATSTHEPONT … lovely man!

What's the PONT

How did the other pilots go? An innocent question to ask anyone talking about their ‘pilot project’.

A common response… tumbleweed… silence… nothing but embarrassing silence and the shuffling of feet…
Phased Implementation is not a Safe to Fail Pilot. I want to paint this in 6ft high letters somewhere sothat; ‘Policy Wonks’, PRINCE2 Practitioners, Think Tank Strategists, and Corporate Policy Leads can see it every day.

Phased implementation of a single big idea, quite often gets disguised as a ‘pilot project’. In reality it is just a Trojan Horse. A sneaky way of introducing a single idea as a method of solving complicated problem. This sort of phased implementation is not a pilot. It is certainly not an experimental ‘safe to fail’ pilot to test different ideas. (Link here to previous posts on ‘safe to fail’ pilots.)

I’ve had a couple of conversations recently about managing…

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