Successful lean management requires leaders to be ‘all in’ every day

OK, this one is for my lovely bunnies, today’s myth busting session, sorry, evidence validation exercise, sorry, research flash mob – will be on this!

Been a long time since I saw so much of my favourite medieval pseudo-religious social control fantasies in one place. Briany, I’m betting an upper quartile on Hare’s checklist.

Whatever this says, (I lost the will to live after the 7th logical fallacy in a row) my proposition is, that the exact opposite In terms of form, mechanism, interaction, function or meaning has been and therefore will be ‘equally successful’!

There’s definitely a paper in this for the winners!

Virginia Mason Medical Center Blog

“You’ve got to live this every day and if you think it’s just an another initiative that you can kick off and then step back and have the consultants or the team underneath you lead it, you’re wrong.”

– Sarah Patterson 

During the past dozen years, Virginia Mason has become one of the world leaders in adapting the Toyota Production System to health care, and Sarah Patterson, executive vice president and chief operating officer, has been a leader there every step of the way. 

Sarah Patterson-Virginia Mason Sarah Patterson

Her reflections on the lean management system are particularly insightful. Among the countless essential lessons she has learned through the years is that as a leader you must be engaged in the improvement work every day. 

“As a leader, you’ve got to live this every day,” she says, “because what you are doing is changing the culture of the organization by changing…

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Dear Chemo Part 2

Oh my! Stunning, inspiring and very sad expression of survival from, as Kate puts it “doctor and terminally ill cancer patient”. Thank you for allowing us in.


Dear Chemo,

Well it’s been a good few months since I wrote to you when I took the incredibly difficult decision to resume our relationship back in November. It’s not been an easy ride has it? As I wait for you to cast your spell over my bone marrow for the final time I just thought I’d reflect.

Returning to your poisonous grip was, I think one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life. Knowing that I would be rendered mutilated and incapacitated by your effects, but also fearing on the other hand what cancer had in store for me. Talk about a double edged sword! After round one was just like every other encounter we’ve ever had I decided a time-out to visit California and enjoy a proper family Christmas was in order. That time did me the world of good and gave me…

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Whats the difference between Co-production and the 6 Nations Rugby Championship?

Once again whatsthepont on insightful form, albeit with a curmudgeonly smudge from me added to the end.

What's the PONT

Eames Chair - Perfect for watching the 6 Nations Eames Chair – Perfect for watching the 6 Nations

Before giving you the answer I want to introduce the Armchair Critic.

According to Cambridge Dictionaries online an armchair critic is; a person who knows, or says they know, a lot about a subject without having any direct experience of it. Recognise anyone you know?

So… what is the difference between co-producton and the 6 Nations Rugby Championship?

Well, one of them involves:

  • a limited number of people who are at the heart of the action,
  • these are the people who make the difference (the star performers),
  • they practice their skills, learn new ones and hone them to perfection, and
  • they work towards achieving success, together, as a team.

Surrounding the people involved in the action, you have an army of armchair critics. These are the people who talk about what is happening, and produce huge amounts of commentary and views…

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Hunting a Woozle – A Case for Authenticity

Words in a sensible order, don’t get better than this. Clarity of thought and finding ways to let the meaning out, instead of the same old shite peddled by the leadership and management numpties trying to hammer their favoured meaning in!


There’s a delightful old story about Winnie the Pooh and Piglet where they are hunting a Woozle.

As we all well know, having read our A.A. Milne and Winnie-the-Pooh stories as children and now as adults finding deeper philosophical meaning in same, Woozles are rather cunning creatures. They have an affinity to honey and are hard to identify by their tracks. Some of them inhabit the East Pole. And sometimes tracks on the ground may lead to a Woozle, but sometimes they don’t. It’s all rather complicated and serious, this business with the Woozles (and Heffalumps), and you really should read more about it in the books.

“Tracks,” said Piglet. “Paw-marks.” He gave a little squeak of excitement. “Oh, Pooh! Do you think it’s a–a–a Woozle?”

“It may be,” said Pooh. “Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t. You never can tell with paw- marks.” A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

The story…

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Building Cathedrals and Sending Rockets to the Moon. Necessary Urban Myths?

Ooops couldn’t help myself. What can I say, Welsh people are story tellers.
Whatsthepont gone and done a lovely blog again.

What's the PONT

20140212-233638.jpg If you have ever taken part in a ‘Vision and Values Workshop’ or any sort of ‘Corporate Morale Booster’, you may have heard the President Kennedy, the Janitor and the Man on the Moon story? No? Let me enlighten you…….

“I’m helping to put a man on the Moon”. Much loved by Leadership & Management Consultants, this story is usually delivered with the assured confidence of it being an unquestionable truth.

It goes along the lines of:…. during a visit to Cape Canaveral in the mid 1960’s, President Kennedy was touring the facility when he met a man in overalls. He asked the man “What do you do here?”, to which the man replied, “Earning a living”. Later on President Kennedy met another man in overalls an asked him what he did, the reply this time “I’m clearing away the garbage”.

Finally the President met another man in overalls enthusiastically…

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