Building Cathedrals and Sending Rockets to the Moon. Necessary Urban Myths?

Ooops couldn’t help myself. What can I say, Welsh people are story tellers.
Whatsthepont gone and done a lovely blog again.

What's the PONT

20140212-233638.jpg If you have ever taken part in a ‘Vision and Values Workshop’ or any sort of ‘Corporate Morale Booster’, you may have heard the President Kennedy, the Janitor and the Man on the Moon story? No? Let me enlighten you…….

“I’m helping to put a man on the Moon”. Much loved by Leadership & Management Consultants, this story is usually delivered with the assured confidence of it being an unquestionable truth.

It goes along the lines of:…. during a visit to Cape Canaveral in the mid 1960’s, President Kennedy was touring the facility when he met a man in overalls. He asked the man “What do you do here?”, to which the man replied, “Earning a living”. Later on President Kennedy met another man in overalls an asked him what he did, the reply this time “I’m clearing away the garbage”.

Finally the President met another man in overalls enthusiastically…

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