Whats the difference between Co-production and the 6 Nations Rugby Championship?

Once again whatsthepont on insightful form, albeit with a curmudgeonly smudge from me added to the end.

What's the PONT

Eames Chair - Perfect for watching the 6 Nations Eames Chair – Perfect for watching the 6 Nations

Before giving you the answer I want to introduce the Armchair Critic.

According to Cambridge Dictionaries online an armchair critic is; a person who knows, or says they know, a lot about a subject without having any direct experience of it. Recognise anyone you know?

So… what is the difference between co-producton and the 6 Nations Rugby Championship?

Well, one of them involves:

  • a limited number of people who are at the heart of the action,
  • these are the people who make the difference (the star performers),
  • they practice their skills, learn new ones and hone them to perfection, and
  • they work towards achieving success, together, as a team.

Surrounding the people involved in the action, you have an army of armchair critics. These are the people who talk about what is happening, and produce huge amounts of commentary and views…

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