Successful lean management requires leaders to be ‘all in’ every day

OK, this one is for my lovely bunnies, today’s myth busting session, sorry, evidence validation exercise, sorry, research flash mob – will be on this!

Been a long time since I saw so much of my favourite medieval pseudo-religious social control fantasies in one place. Briany, I’m betting an upper quartile on Hare’s checklist.

Whatever this says, (I lost the will to live after the 7th logical fallacy in a row) my proposition is, that the exact opposite In terms of form, mechanism, interaction, function or meaning has been and therefore will be ‘equally successful’!

There’s definitely a paper in this for the winners!

Virginia Mason Medical Center Blog

“You’ve got to live this every day and if you think it’s just an another initiative that you can kick off and then step back and have the consultants or the team underneath you lead it, you’re wrong.”

– Sarah Patterson 

During the past dozen years, Virginia Mason has become one of the world leaders in adapting the Toyota Production System to health care, and Sarah Patterson, executive vice president and chief operating officer, has been a leader there every step of the way. 

Sarah Patterson-Virginia Mason Sarah Patterson

Her reflections on the lean management system are particularly insightful. Among the countless essential lessons she has learned through the years is that as a leader you must be engaged in the improvement work every day. 

“As a leader, you’ve got to live this every day,” she says, “because what you are doing is changing the culture of the organization by changing…

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