Ethnography in Healthcare Safety & Innovation?

Nice to see some health talk about the potential of ethnographic methods deployed to improve safety. Lived experience is always more valuable than the usual collusion of competing hypotheses.

Swell Diabetes & Healthcare

I’m hoping the title doesn’t scare you away!  Grab a brew, [wo]man up & I’ll tell you why I believe this could be just the job as the NHS tries to understand & promote safer patient care.  I must have learned something during that sociology course at Med School.

If you’d asked me what ethnography meant just over a year ago… well, I would have struggled, truth be told.  The ethnography wiki is good, but it does not illustrate some points I wish to make about its potential in healthcare, especially for improving patient safety.

Ethnog colour

This, the formal definition “Ethnography |ɛθˈnɒgrəfi|noun [ mass noun ]the scientific description of peoples and cultures with their customs, habits,and mutual differences”.

A more helpful and illustrative definition is within the title of this publication, aimed more towards commercial applications & business innovation.

My eyes your mirror

Last spring I was spending too many evenings soaking up Coursera offerings on ‘The Science of Healthcare Safety’  from the Armstrong…

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