Sharing video The Cynefin domains, Pt2, Chaos

God, I love this stuff. Cynefin is just brilliant and these sub domain taxonomies are lush. Only one thing Dave’s not thought through properly … the unexpected-unknown response is not dictatorial, this is a classic misinterpretation. The response does require some centralised command, but it’s not to enforce constraints on the situation. Add constraints to a mess and you get a bigger mess. The actual response is a noise reduction strategy ie chop off the foot to save the leg, or my favourite metaphor “eject the warp core”. Many start-ups come from here, which is why they mostly die quickly.


Speaking Truth to Power – 2500 years of Shooting the Messenger

More eloquent loveliness, with a curmudgeonly splurt from yours truly. Looking forward to the next couple in the series. #sttp (I’m trade-marking that).

What's the PONT

Dilbert by Scott Adams Feb 1990.  Dilbert by Scott Adams Feb 1990.

I was going to start this post with a link to the opening scene from the film Gladiator. You know, the bit where Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe) is waiting pensively for a messenger to return from telling the German Barbarians to surrender. All around his Roman Legions prepare for battle (very dramatic). The messenger does return (but not in good shape) and Maximus commands, in a slightly Aussie accent, “at my signal, unleash hell”.

It’s all very gruesome, so I thought I’d share a less frightening Dilbert Cartoon, even if it does involve Tar and Feathers. I’m sure you get the point though, shooting the messenger or doing other unpleasant things to people who bring bad news or speak truth to power, is a commonly understood concept. This is something that’s still quite widely practiced, even if its done metaphorically nowadays.

The best project management cartoon ever. The best…

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