Welcome To The Bollocksphere!

I hope it’s not just the cold talking … It’s like poetry bollocksphere, that is. A kindred spirit in another profession getting as pissed off as me, with all the vacuous gobshite that keeps people who know jack shit about the work lauding it over those who actually do the work.Cheered me up!

My Mid Life Crisis

I admit it, I’m in a bad mood.

It’s 30 degrees outside and somehow I am laid up with a vicious cold: streaming nose, throat lined with barbed wire, raging temperature, snorting my Olbas inhaler every five seconds.

Maybe that explains why, when I started catching up with the most recent news in the legal sphere, my blood pressure almost detonated the gauge.

The first thing that happened is that I read the latest Better Case Management newsletter (does anyone else apart from me read the Better Case Management newsletters?). Now, I appreciate I may not be the target audience for this weighty tome – I get the impression it’s only aimed at Crown Court judges and civil servants – but issue 10 of the BCM (see link here) is a veritable masterclass in entering the Bollocksphere.

(There is actually a web page called the Bollocksphere, and very entertaining it is…

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