Freedom through constraints – Cognitive Edge

I’ve been looking forward you this. Constraint is a word that brings up imagery of wall, fence, rule, hurdle, limitation. Something fixed.

Freedom through constraints

At the most fundamental level there are no internal constraints, the thing does what the thing does. It’s embedded. There are constraints but they sit outside, or more likely at, the boundary of agency in this context. The boundary being the condition that gives the thing is edge. Typically where we place it’s proper noun: this thing.

Right next to it, out at the periphery of systemic behaviour, there are no external constraints: you can’t tell one thing from another thing. Where do they proper nouns go? There is agency, it is universally made of something, but mutated and entangled. Adding constraint ruffles, not combs.

I like to think of that as the connectedness of the constraints themselves, as alive, with their own agency. Even if only for a moment, a flash, a mutation, and it’s gone.

I need coffee, pens and some large sheets of paper.