Social Media, WH Smith Carpet, London Midland Trains and Observations from Accident & Emergency

Got to admit … a set of handsome inclinations! I follow a couple of the people who comment on the inclinations and it’s mostly luxurious grey matter.

What's the PONT

20131004-213942.jpgI spent half a day in hospital this week. Nothing very serious, just a bit of digging for a fish bone stuck in my throat.

To break up the boredom I did joke with a friend on Twitter that I was doing some ‘field ethnography’.

From my observations I can report that I spent a lot of time sitting around waiting for things to happen. This gave me plenty of opportunity to make careful metal notes of my physical surroundings and what people were doing. A bit of an unplanned ‘mystery shopper’ visit.

My visit to A&E ended positively and I have no complaints. I do however have a few thoughts on how you get ‘extra’ from a trip to A&E, using the following:

  • social media;
  • the hours spent sitting around waiting for things to happen; and
  • the ‘resource’ of bored people. Patients and relatives sat around looking for…

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